“Mathematics and Arts” Minisymposia at annual meetings of the German Mathematical Society (online)

During several annual meetings of the German Mathematical Society, Martin Skrodzki and Milena Damrau organized minisymposia on “Mathematics and Arts”. These aimed to bring together researchers interested in the connection and collaboration of mathematics and arts. This page contains an overview of the minisymposia conducted so far, as well as resulting publications, video playlists from the minisymposia, and exposition in other media.

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A crafting sheet for an Archimedean solid, produced by U. Reitebuch.
Image: Courtesy of U. Reitebuch.

25.–28. September 2023, Ilmenau

12.–16. September 2022, Berlin

27. September – 1. October 2021, online

14.–17. September 2020, online